Thursday, November 12, 2009


if one day,
we see each other again,
please don't run away from me...
i won't walk to you but i only can smile for you

if one day,
you had found your true LOVE,
please keep it in deep of your heart...
i just only can pray for your happiness

if one day,
you make an invitation card,
please give me one, let me know about it...
i just only can send a present for you

if one day,
you hold a hands of a child, play with him,
please told me his name, i want to know...
because i had prepare for his birthday present

if one day,
i'm not beside you anymore,
please don't wrong me, just because i'd fell in love with you

my love for you is not a mistake
because i'm the one whose LOVE you and you're not
i have been waiting, waiting and waiting for you for along time
untill the time passed up
trying my best to tell you
but i'm a coward, a weaken one

so that,
i just only can see you from far away,
knowing what you do, all the time
trying to stay behind you without you notice me,

i would be more happy if i know that what you are choose is the best for you
and i will be more happy if you can accept my gift even you didn't know me
even if it for the first and the last time i can give you...

i really, really miss you
even you never know it that you are my love
but i'm glad i know who you are,

thank you for being apart of my heart.....
thank you for making me feel tired waiting for your love,
thank you for everything...


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